Contributing to Research
and training

We all depend on and make use of medical knowledge throughout our lives from the moment we are conceived.


Why did we create
The Foundation ?

Today, thanks to the Grangettes Foundation, by making a simple donation according to our means, we can all help to stimulate research and improve our health.

Because health is our most important asset, the Grangettes Foundation offers everybody the chance to bring together the resources required for the noble causes it supports - medical research and training in medical and paramedical fields.

About us



A range of medical training is organised,
for healthcare professionals or the general public.

Training for doctors

04 June 2019

Questions & réponses aux situations pneumologiques en cabinet

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Training for doctors

13 June 2019

Formation TDAH en deux modules - 2ème session

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Training for doctors

24 June 2019

Endovascular treatments of PAD : tips and tricks on new devices and techniques

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